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Mr Wilson Explains America (cd)

$15.00 (Sold out)

1. Y'all Better Get Your Guitars Back Out
2. It Was America: Rock and Roll Lecture (Live)
3. The Bossman (Live)
4. Explaining Acid Country
5. Jetpack
6. It Was America: Plastic Ass Trophies and Mercury Fillings (Live)
7. It Was America: Schools (Live)
8. Mobile Home School
9. Don Jose
10. Clinton, Obama And Michael Vick (Live)
11. The Michelle Obama Song
12. Bobby Bowden (Live)
13. College Football Song
14. Tim Wilson For Dictator 2012 (Live)
15. What Gill's Still Drinking About
16. Georgia Hates Florida (Live)
17. The Hermitage Lady And Huddle House (Live)
18. Lotion
19. It Was America: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Live)
20. It Was America: White Boy In The 70's (Live)
21. Booty Man (Remix)